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Kuan Butts

My interests lie in the implementation of digital solutions in engaging spatial (usually transportation related) issues; combining programming, urban planning, and geospatial analytics. I’ve taken on a number of technical roles executing research, digital development, and deployment in a wide variety of settings. This has provided me with extensive international experience from Mexico City to Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Projects List

ClientComm: Case manager to client communication device used to track client performance longitudinally as they move through the Salt Lake County Criminal Justice System; created as part of the 2016 Code for America Salt Lake County Fellowship. Learn more about the project online, here.

NYC Bus Data API: This project produced a real time tallying tool to determine which bus lines were best and worst performing across the NYC MTA bus system. An API and developer tools were also created to support creative use and analytics of the resource.

Flocktracker: This project is the result of an ongoing collaborative effort under the research of MIT DUSP’s Mobility Futures Collaborative. The current application is based off of initial designs produced with Urban Launchpad in the mapping of Dhaka’s bus system to create the city’s first complete bus map and has been used in cities from Mexico to Indonesia.

CoAXs: A tool that integrates with bus routing output from tools such as TransitMix (now called ReMix) and plugs into scenario isochrone modelling software developed by the folks at Conveyal (a software consultancy located in DC). I led the development of the application within a team at MIT’s Media Lab - video online here.

First Bus Map of Dhaka: Bringing the first map of Dhaka’s bus network to life for its millions of daily riders through a successfully funded Kickstarter begun in December of 2012.