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Parallelizing distance matrix calculation

Utilizing Dask for performant mapreduce all-to-all comparisons

Brooklyn Bus Redesign to TransitJSON

Converting proposed KML route to peartrees-consumable data

Convert a GeoDataFrame to a SVG (Part 2)

Utilizing categorical style sheets and svgwrite

Convert a GeoDataFrame to a SVG

Create a grouped SVG that retains DataFrame row attributes

High performance peartree utilizing graph-tool for network analysis

Notes on how to transform a peartree network graph into a graph-tool object

Installation notes for graph-tool

Notes from setting up graph-tool in peartree's development environment

Observed vs. Scheduled Route Performance Notes

Utilizing GTFS-RT analyses to examine discrepancies in AC Transit route 6

Utilizing custom eventData objects in MapboxGL

Passing flags through MapboxGL event to chain conditionals