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Dynamically costing window scoping and cell grid sizing

Benchmarking variable window scales on clustered cell matrices

Performant spatial analysis via cell clustering

Utilizing numpy mesh grids to vectorize polygon sorting

Exploring San Jose VTA Swiftly Bus Data

Exploratory notes on bus performance data dump

Parallelizing distance matrix calculation

Utilizing Dask for performant mapreduce all-to-all comparisons

Brooklyn Bus Redesign to TransitJSON

Converting proposed KML route to peartrees-consumable data

Convert a GeoDataFrame to a SVG (Part 2)

Utilizing categorical style sheets and svgwrite

Convert a GeoDataFrame to a SVG

Create a grouped SVG that retains DataFrame row attributes

High performance peartree utilizing graph-tool for network analysis

Notes on how to transform a peartree network graph into a graph-tool object